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6 Tips for Working From Home While Caring for Kids

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

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Guest Post by Amos Faulkner.

Amos Faulkner wants to help people “do money well.” Money is a constant in our lives. Yet, as a bank teller, Amos realized that many people don’t pay enough attention to how much they have or how much they need, now and in the future. Well, now, the buck stops with his site, From teaching your children how to manage their money to saving for your golden years, Amos will cover it all.

Working from home and having children can be a tricky situation. It requires balance, creativity, and dedication to make sure both your job and your children get the attention they need. Fortunately, there are ways to manage both remote work and childcare at the same time. Millenial Mom takes a look at some of those strategies.

Work in a Dedicated Home Office

Creating a dedicated workspace free from distractions is a key component of successfully managing remote work alongside childcare responsibilities at home. Having an area designated solely as a “workspace” will keep other activities separate so that you can focus on the task at hand rather than get distracted by all sorts of other things going on around the house.

Observe a Consistent Schedule

Setting regular work hours should be one of the first things on your list. This will provide structure and a foundation for planning your days. Additionally, it alerts your kids when you're working, so they won't attempt to disturb you. This allows everyone to stay on track and ensures all members of the family feel respected and heard.

Invest in Quality Childcare

If your budget allows, finding daycare or hiring a nanny could be an excellent solution for managing remote work and childcare together successfully. Having someone else around who can provide quality care for your children while you are occupied with remote work tasks can be immensely helpful in balancing both roles without feeling too overwhelmed by either one.

Make Time for Your Kids

It’s important for parents who work remotely to take breaks throughout the day in order to spend quality time with their children. Taking breaks gives you a chance to connect with your children. It also allows you to recharge and refresh yourself so that you can stay focused on your work when it’s time for you to get back into it.

Finding ways to prioritize your other children is key to making sure everyone feels acknowledged. Developing a plan of attack will ensure that the kids get quality time with you while also taking some pressure off you. This could include establishing a bedtime routine, having them help out with simple chores while you're working in the kitchen, and planning new experiences together that you can all look forward to.

Make Time for Yourself

Self-care is essential for all parents, regardless if they are working from home or not. Making time for self-care allows you much-needed rest and relaxation, which helps you stay energized and productive throughout the day, even when faced with challenging situations.

Pursue Another Direction

If you find yourself struggling with childcare while trying to work remotely, it may be worth switching to a more fulfilling job. There are plenty of jobs out there that allow employees to adjust their schedules as needed in order to accommodate childcare needs. This can provide more flexibility while still allowing you to contribute financially as well as emotionally to your household.

Earning a degree online will give you the freedom and flexibility to change your job while also taking care of other commitments. For those looking to enter the teaching profession, consider this option for an online teaching degree that will allow you to work at your own pace so you can still keep your current job. In addition, most states require official transcripts, background checks, entrance exams, and skills tests before submitting a completed bachelor's program for licensure consideration.

Working from home and managing childcare responsibilities simultaneously is a challenge that can be overcome by proper preparation. Parents should take the time to plan out their days so they can juggle both remote work and childcare commitments without overwhelming themselves. With an organized routine and some flexibility, parents will balance their work and family life while staying productive and sane.


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