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Are You a Busy Mom Looking to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life?

Are you a mom who feels stressed out all the time with the responsibilities of home, work and family? Or, do you just feel like you are treading water and your life has stagnated?

We all experience these feelings from time to time, but learning to be more intentional with the way that we spend our time and learning to prioritize things that are meaningful to us can help us feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Do you want to learn things like:

  • What it means to live your best life

  • How setting and meeting goals can make you happier

  • Defining your priorities and values

  • Following your values in an intentional way

  • Negative impacts of stress

  • How wellness can combat stress

  • Types of wellness

  • Tips for improving your

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Social-emotional health

  • Could you have anxiety?

A few years ago I started to reevaluate my life. I felt like my family was working too hard and sacrificing too much to be going nowhere. I felt like there had to be a better way to get through life, so I made the goal planner contained in the e-book, "Happy. Healthy. Rich. The smart mom's guide to living your best life" for myself to take a deeper look at my life and what was important to me.

As a part of my goal setting process, I started to ask myself some hard questions. I asked myself:

What do I really want? What makes me happy?

What does my perfect life look like?

How can I downsize to stop worrying about money?

I didn't go through the process in a vacuum either. I talked things through with my partner at every step of the way. We tossed around ideas about how to change our lives for the better.

We wanted to go from surviving to thriving.

My e-book, "Happy. Healthy. Rich. The smart mom's guide to living your best life" outlines the process that I used in my own life to become happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

My family has undergone some massive changes in the last year. We moved from the US to Germany. We now have a paid-off house and a paid-off car. We live in the country with a simpler life.

This guide includes interactive workbook pages with planning exercises and writing prompts that you can use to improve your own life.

Not everyone needs to make an overseas move to be happier. You can change your life right where you are, and you can start today.

You can read additional reviews of Happy. Healthy. Rich. The smart mom's guide to living your best life on Amazon and Goodreads.

If you have more questions you would like me to answer about the e-book, let me know in the comments!

Picture of woman on the beach with text that reads, "Are you a busy mom looking to reduce stress and improve your life?"
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