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Are You a Spiritually Minded Person?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I am a spiritually minded person, and this year I am delving more deeply into my spirituality with reading spiritual books about Law of Attraction, writing about spiritual topics, meditating, and doing more yoga.

This weekend, I started writing a new book about spirituality and how spirituality differs from religion.

Do you practice spirituality, religion, both, or neither?

For me, spirituality helps me to answer the big questions about the meaning of life, the nature of the universe, and my place in the cosmos.

Spirituality has this quality for many people. I find that the more deeply I get into personal development, I always come back to spirituality. It helps me to answer the question of “what is my highest good?” that I always come back to.

I want to be able to live my best possible life, and to help other people live their best lives too. I want to help people realize that they are, at their core, bright, shimmering beings of light. I think that helping others reach for their highest potential is the best thing that I can be doing with my life.

Spirituality helps us to remember that our true nature is divine. We are all beautiful souls on a journey in this human existence to find our way back to our best selves.

Our best selves are people who have compassion, who lift each other up.

The more you can help other people, the better and more full your life will be. But you have to help out of joy and fullness, not out of obligation or the belief that you have to. You have to help because you want to. If you only help because you feel you must then you will get burned out quickly.

It is all about your attitude and your motivation. Doing good things should always come from a place of joy, compassion, and love. If you can’t do something with a glad heart, then you probably have too much on your plate to do it.

So, we need to first fill our own cups. We need to be running over with joy and gladness about being alive. Spirituality can help you get to that place. The more joy you can find on your yoga mat, in meditation, mindfulness, prayer, or study, the more joy you will have to give to others.

It is important to take time for self-care so that you will be able to be at your best. Self-care is a critical component of spirituality. When you care for yourself, when your needs are met, then you will be at your best mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You will be in balance.

Being in balance within yourself is the best place to be at to be able to help other people. We have to help and heal ourselves first before we can help and heal other people.

I hope that on your healing journey you are able to do something good for yourself every day, that your cup will be full to overflowing, and that your life will be bursting with joy.

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