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Baby Proofing and Child Safety is Extremely Important when your Little One gets Mobile

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

When we bring our little ones home from the hospital, we get a car seat safety check to be able to bring them home. Our little one's safety needs should be paramount in our minds all the time.

So when your little one is starting to get mobile, it is important to start baby proofing your house. You can never start too soon, because it will surprise you how fast your baby will start crawling and walking. When they are moving around on their own, you need to make sure that they will be safe around the house.

According to Consumer Notice,

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death of children in the United States, and most injuries happen in and around the home. Fortunately, many accidents are preventable if you properly babyproof your home. Following several simple steps can keep your baby safe from the bassinet to the bathtub and beyond.

Since accidents can happen so easily around the house with your little ones, it is important to make your space as safe as possible.

Consumer Notice provides some additional tips on:

I highly recommend checking out all of these resources about child safety tips, so that you can keep your little ones as safe as possible in your home. This way, they won't fall victim to a dangerous accident.

I understand the persistent worries over safety, because I have a little one who is a perpetually dangerous child, always looking for ways to jump and climb around the house, even in places that she shouldn't be doing that.

Being very aware of what your children is doing is crucial to child safety. However, at some point, kids do want to go off and play on their own. So when they start to do this, it is important to ensure that their room is as safe as possible to be able to minimize the amount of accidents that do happen.

And if your child is hurt, don't feel like you have failed as a parents. Kids play wildly and do get hurt quite often, even if it is a trip and fall in the living room, or getting scratched by a pet.

When a child gets hurt, offer hugs, neosporin, bandaids and ice to be able to calm down the little hurts that they will suffer. If these strategies don't work, they may have a worse injury, and you may need to take them to the doctor or pediatrician.

Many doctors have a nurse line available, where you can talk to a nurse right away to determine how badly your child has been hurt, or if they do need to be brought in to the medical office.

Make sure to have kindness, compassion and love when a child gets hurt. Even if they got hurt doing something you had just told them to stop doing.

To read more about child safety, you can also check out:

I hope that you have a wonderful day, and that this information is helpful for anyone who is looking to get ready for baby proofing their own home.


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