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Compassion is the Ultimate Goal of Spirituality

When many of us start our spiritual journey, we do so in attempt to find the answers to life's deepest questions. As we begin to answer these questions for ourselves, we seek connection with others as well. Spirituality is meant to be shared.

Throughout history, people have attempted to understand the life of the soul through religion and spirituality. As traditional religions are fading into the background of our modern lives, many people are beginning to label themselves as spiritual but not religious. At the same time, quantum physics is beginning to explain how the energy of the universe functions, in ways that mystics have always known. Through the syncretism of spirituality and science, we can begin to have a new understanding of the reality of our own nature, and the nature of the universe. As we come into alignment with this flow of universal life-force energy, we find a deep love at the center of our being.

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