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Connecting Mind, Body and Sprit Wellness through Yoga

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

One of my goals this year is to have more well-rounded wellness. This means taking care of myself mind, body and sprit. One great way to do this is through Yoga, since it combines all of these elements of wellness.

According to Shiela Reid,

Yoga is in essence a mindfulness practice. It teaches you how to pay attention to sensations in the body, often leading to a sense of calmness, focus and unity of mind and body. To practice moving in rhythm with the breath, it requires attention that takes you out of your mind and its worries.
At its best, yoga offers a sense of knowing who you really are in connection with a larger spirituality. One meaning of the word “yoga” is union of the individual self with the transcendental divine Self.

When you practice yoga, you focus on your breath. Through your breathing, you connect your mind, body and spirit. You move in rhythm with your breath, and it helps you connect your movements with your mind and spirit.

As Shiela says, yoga is a form of mindfulness; another spiritual practice. It brings you fully into the moment, and fully in touch with your body. You are feeling each muscle and each moment fully.

To read more about all the health benefits of yoga, check out these other articles on Yoga, and Mind, Body and Spirit wellness.

Getting started with Yoga is easy too. All you need is a mat and yourself. There are many free tutorial videos available on YouTube too that can get you started.

Also, here are: 5 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners to get you started with your practice.

All you need is 5-10 minutes a day to get started with experiencing all of the health benefits of yoga.

To learn more about mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and how they can help you in your daily life, check out my ebook:

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