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Daily Affirmation

Daily affirmation: I am vibrant and alive.

When you say your daily affirmations, focus on the little things. Visualize it happening. See it as already done. This makes the picture clear in your mind and helps you set your intention for the day.

I am affirmations are powerful, because they help you see to the truth of who you really are. They help you aspire to, and become, your best self.

Today, say to yourself, I am vibrant and alive in every cell of my body. Feel yourself coming alive, full of joy, peace and anticipation for the new day.

This simple affirmation helps you to focus on yourself, deep within your heart. Although we are always alive, we aren't always awake and aware of this. We go through the day without thinking. It is time to wake up and be more intentional.

Awaking to your true aliveness in your being can help you to live through life as a dance. Be fully present and joyous in each moment. Connect back to your deeper, more spiritual being. Be all that you truly are.

The more you can come into yourself fully, the more you can begin to enjoy life fully.

I wish you a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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