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Daily Affirmation

Daily Affirmation: I forgive myself for my mistakes.

In life, we are all bound to make mistakes at times. From the small and mundane daily things, to bigger and more important ones.

When we do, rehashing things and staying stuck in the past will make you feel continuously bad about yourself.

Feeling sorry for what you have done and making repair for them is the right thing to do. But once you have done this, it is time to move on.

Often though, even if we have made repair with another person for a mistake, we continue to hold onto it in our minds, and beat ourselves up about it.

This isn't helping us to move forward in life. In order to be able to move forward, we need to forgive ourselves for the mistake too.

When we forgive ourselves in our hearts, we admit that we are human, and that we aren't perfect people. No one is.

Often, we can hold ourselves to a higher standard than we hold for others, and this can end up being emotionally harmful for us.

Forgive your mistakes, learn from them about what you can do differently next time, and move on into the future a bit wiser. Then, you will experience the amazing healing that this brings.

Have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies.

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