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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations: I am strong. I am calm. I am resilient.

Each day, we wake up with a new opportunity to live in a different way. We get to decide who we are going to be, what we are going to do, and how we are going to react.

You don't have to be a prisoner of the past, or of your past choices. You can choose to go in a completely new direction.

You can make new habits, meet new people, go new places, and form new relationships. You don't have to stay stuck out of fear.

Today, I choose to be strong, calm and resilient. I take time to center myself through yoga, to go outside and look at the world in a mindful way. I find gratitude for the good things in my life.

No matter how little good you see around you at any given time, that makes gratitude all the more important.

No matter the pain you have endured, you can choose to trust again. You can find a well of strength within yourself, become resilient, and keep moving forward.

Take some time today to reflect on the person that you want to be, and the qualities you want to poses. Odds are, you have them within you already, only hidden.

Each new day is always a new choice, and always provides new opportunities.

Have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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