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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations: The Universe shelters and protects me. It is safe for me to live as I choose.

Too often in life, we are forced to dim our light, or to conform to society, in ways that can eventually be extremely self-harming. We learn that who we are is bad, that we are 'too much' or 'not enough.'

With all the harmful messages we get from society, is it any wonder that so many of us end up anxious and depressed? We don't feel safe to express ourselves or live our truth.

Eventually though, many of us come to realize that living along with the social script isn't fulfilling. It makes us feel bad about ourselves, like we have failed in some way that is beyond the grasp of our understanding.

You are beautiful, just as you are.

You are enough, just as you are.

You deserve to be able to live authentically, from the depths of your heart and your soul. You are a special piece of the vast fabric of the Universe.

You deserve to exist. You deserve to be able to feel safe being yourself, and doing what it is you came onto this Earth to do.

Stop letting other people dim your light. Stop listening to all those voices that reinforce your limiting beliefs. Step into your most authentic, bright-shining, beautiful self.

This is your destiny. It is the plan that the Universe has for you. When you deny yourself, you deny your place in the Universe's grand design.

Stop making yourself less, and step into your power. Speak your truth with conviction. When you do, amazing things will happen.

Have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies! ❤️

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