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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations: I live in alignment to my highest good. I dedicate myself to helping others.

As you come into alignment with your highest self and your highest good, it makes you realize that compassion and caring for others are the things that matter most in life.

When you step into your highest timeline and become the best version of yourself, it puts you into alignment with the plans that the universe has for you.

You can bring yourself into alignment with your highest self through using affirmations, gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and journaling.

As you seek the truth within yourself, you will come to realize that your soul is made of love and light. This is the essence of your being, a spark of the god self. There is a piece of the divine within all of us.

Uncovering your true self in the chaos of this world can be difficult at times. That is why it is important to seek out practices that bring you peace. This brings you into alignment with your highest self and your highest good.

As you begin to come awake to your true nature, it will become your mission to help others do the same.

We all need each other in this world to survive, and to thrive. Everyone is deserving of compassion and love, because everyone has the same divine spark within, even if they haven't awakened to it yet.

As we journey through life, the more good we can do for others, the more we make the world a better place to live in for everyone.

Heal yourself, heal others, heal the planet. This is our charge in life. ❤️

Have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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