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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmation: Every day my path forward becomes clearer.

Sometimes in life, it can feel like we have lost our way. Our path becomes obscured from focus, and we don't know which way to turn.

Then, something happens, and it makes the path seem clearer. It shows us the way forward, often in a direction we had never thought about going before.

When we learn to be alert for the unexpected, it can be our guide. We can look for coincidences, signs and synchronicities to guide us.

Often, if we learn to follow the signs, we can go in a new and more beautiful direction in life.

We learn new lessons, dream new dreams, and learn something about ourselves in the process.

The life that we plan out so carefully and the life we end up living often end up being quite different.

Even the best laid plans can go astray, and sometimes that is meant to happen. Often, our destiny is different than what we are capable of understanding.

When we are young and starting out in life, we are asked to envision our whole lives. This isn't really a reasonable ask.

Things happen all the time in life that can change the way we think about things, change our needs, desires and relationships.

People that we meet along life's roads can change our views on things as well. As we grow and change, our vision of life evolves.

I hope that you are able to learn to embrace and enjoy change as it comes your way. Often, the unexpected things in life are the best things that can possibly happen.

I wish you a bright and blessed day, my lovelies!

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