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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmation: I accept myself, just as I am.

Learning to accept and love ourselves with all of our flaws and imperfections can be difficult. We expect perfection too often, and it can cause us to be unkind to ourselves.

As we learn to accept ourselves more, we can learn to silence the voice of our inner critic. We learn that we don't have to be perfect to be worthy of love. We are worthy of being loved just as we are.

The more we come into harmony with ourselves, the more easily our lives will flow. We find compassion for ourselves, and we find healing this way.

Accepting ourselves as we are now is the first and most important step on the path to self-love. Unless we accept ourselves now, we are never going to be able to appreciate our own goodness.

We all have flaws, but that doesn't make us bad people. We are good and worthy the way we are today.

I hope you have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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