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Daily Positive Affirmations 10.1.22

Daily positive affirmations. I am boundless love and boundless light. I am in harmony and oneness with the universe.

We are all beings of boundless love and boundless light. Too often in our day to day struggles we forget this. We fall asleep to our true nature.

There are problems in life that feel insurmountable. We feel like the problems are crushing us, crushing our spirits.

Sometimes these problems are signs that we need to refocus on what is really important in life.

We need to choose harmony and love again, instead of choosing separation. Separation is only an illusion anyway.

We are all pieces of a boundless universe, pieces of life's heart. We are walking on this journey together, finding our way back home.

We have come onto this planet to learn more about the nature of our own being. Yet sometimes we forget. We forget to love. We forget that our nature is peace.

Returning back to ourselves, to each other, to our spirituality, allows us to see that we are all interconnected. It is through these connections that life gains beauty, purpose and focus.

I wish you would remember today. Remember that you are a boundless piece of life's heart. That your true nature is love and peace.

I hope that you will remember the truth of yourself, and find your way home to your true nature.

I wish you love and light. Have a blessed day my lovelies.

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