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Daily Positive Affirmations

I am worthy of positive energy and relationships.  I am surrounded by love.
Affirmations to start your day with a positive mindset.

Daily Positive Affirmations. I am worthy of positive energy and relationships. I am surrounded by love.

Know in your heart that you are worthy of love and goodness. You are worthy of having all your dreams come true.

When you believe that you are worthy of love and goodness in your life, then you will begin to radiate confidence.

You will know that you deserve all of the good the comes to you, and it will multiply. This happens through gratitude for what you have, and belief that good things come to you easily.

Have faith in yourself, in your skills and abilities, and you will become more confident in your self-worth every day.

The more you believe in yourself, the more other people will believe in you too. You will begin to shine so brightly.

Love comes into our lives and multiplies. The more we love ourselves, the more we love those around us, the more we will be loved in return.

Watch the way little children love, the way they give of their hearts without fear. When we remember to love like that, we will have so much more love in our lives.

Worrying that love will be returned comes from a lifetime of fear and hurt. When we stop worrying about love, then we allow it to be free. We allow love to flow through our lives.

I wish you so much light, love, and beautiful positive energy. I hope that you will find these things within yourself and within your life.

I wish you a bright and blessed day, my lovelies!

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