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Daily Positive Affirmations. 2.15.22

Graphic with text that reads, "Daily Positive affirmations.  I choose love always."
Affirmations can help our day flow smoothly.

Daily Positive Affirmations. I choose love always.

When we choose love, the fear that we feel starts to melt away. Love has a way of always multiplying itself. We can choose to love ourselves, our children, and our world.

The more we love, the more love will return to us.

Daily Positive Affirmations. I am patient and kind.

As we begin to develop patience, and break away from the constant need to hurry, we are able to slow down and understand other people. The more we begin to understand others, the more we find kindness inside ourselves.

Patience and kindness allow us to give ourselves and those around us grace. As we take time to understand other people and their motivations, we come to realize that the actions of others are seldom directed at us. This allows us to have more space for kindness with them.

This is especially true with our children, who have an exuberance for life that we often lack. When we are kind and patient with our kids, it allows them to trust us more, and blossom into happy young individuals.

Have a blessed day my lovelies!

Let me know in the comments all the ways that love, patience and kindness make a difference in your daily lives! Also, feel free to let me know if there are additional topics that you would like me to write about in the future.

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