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Finding Peace in Difficult Times

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Usually, we think of meditation as something that we have to do in a very structured way. We find a quiet place, either in our home or in nature, and then we light some candles and sit down on a nice cushion.

That is a good way to practice, however, you can practice meditation anytime and anywhere.

Just find somewhere to sit down (or even stand if you need to!) then close your eyes lightly and connect to your breath. You can do this anywhere, and it is good to take a few minutes to meditate throughout the day if you are feeling stressed. The source of peace is always within you, and you can connect to it at any time!

When you meditate, it can help to focus on a Mantra, like “Om.” This can help you to have something to distract you from the thoughts that float by during meditation so that you don’t attach to them.

For more about how to meditate, check out:

If you have questions about adding a meditation practice in your life, let me know in the comments!

Be well, my lovelies ❤

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