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Goddess Affirmations

Goddess Affirmations: I seek the Goddess in the silence of myself. I align myself with her divine wisdom.

With October in full swing, it is a perfect time to delve into your inner mysticism. The veil between this world and the next is thinner, allowing us to feel things more deeply on a spiritual level.

As you seek the face of the Goddess within yourself, she hears and answers your prayers. Let yourself be enfolded in her divine love. Let yourself be protected as a mother protects a child.

We are all children of the divine, and we need but remember that to find the center of divine love within ourselves. Our hearts are wellsprings of beautiful, divine love.

As we come into better alignment with ourselves during this season, our growth and transformation is aided by two solar eclipses in the month of October. These assist in speeding up our spiritual timeline.

This is a great time to look back at your goals for the year and assess your progress. If you have gotten off track, you can bring yourself back into alignment through the outpouring of divine love.

The universe wants us all to be our best selves, and live our best lives. As we find love within ourselves, it begins to spill over from our lives into the lives of others through acts of compassion.

Find peace within your heart, and you will be able to share peace with all the world. During this eclipse season, it is great to mediate, or set our some moon water.

Read more about the eclipses here:

Have a bright and blessed day, my lovelies. Remember to show yourself compassion as you begin this new week.

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