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Having Hope Makes Us Stronger

So often in life, it is easy to start feeling hopeless. We may feel like we don't matter, and that nothing that we do matters or makes an impact. Do you ever feel this way? I do sometimes.

The thing that I always find is that no matter how hopeless I start to become, no matter how much I want to give up, I reach down inside myself and there is this fragile hope that things can be better than they are.

There is always hope, no matter how dark things may seem. You might be right around the corner from a bright, shining light that is going to make your life so much better.

Finding Hope

You can find hope anywhere, and sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places. This morning I found hope again because I read an article from another writer asking if she makes an impact.

I really do believe that anyone who is trying, anyone who cares about other people and tries to help them is making an impact.

It can be friends in our own lives, it can be strangers on the internet. It can be a random quote, TikTok or podcast that we stumble across that has just the right words that we need to hear at the given moment that help us find hope.

We just have to keep our minds and our hearts open to others, we have to be paying attention, and focusing on the good. We can find hope through gratitude as well. When we see the small good things in our lives, we appreciate them, and it rewires our brains toward finding happiness.

Are you feeling down?

When you feel down, look around you for some inspiration. Look for something beautiful to inspire you. There are tons of motivational quotes, books, blogs, podcasts and videos out there to help you get into a better frame of mind.

It happens sometimes that when we are in a bad frame of mind, it is because we are too much in our own heads.

Doing something to get out of your head can help you to find some motivation again, and get feeling better about life.

To get out of your head you can:

  • Get out in nature

  • Call a friend

  • Read a book

  • Watch a video

  • Listen to music

  • Talk to your family

  • Talk to a therapist

Any of these (or anything else you can think of) to stop being so much in your head can help you start to feel better. Sometimes, we just keep ruminating about everything that is wrong with our lives, and we forget to see the good that is really all around us.

Even if the good is small, it has a way of multiplying when we focus on it. The more we can feel gratitude, the more gratitude has a way of multiplying itself within our lives.

Focus on Gratitude

There are many mental health benefits to focusing on gratitude. It can help us be happier, more motivated, more social, and less depressed or anxious.

A gratitude mindset can go a long way towards helping us have a more positive life.

According to Harvard Health,

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

As we begin to focus on gratitude within our lives, it helps to create an uplifting positivity in our mindset, and within our relationships. This can help us to be willing to do more good things in our life too.

Getting out of your head with gratitude can really help to rewire your mind to focusing on positivity and hope. This can help you be happier, and in turn make the people around you happier too!


The more you focus on hope and gratitude and get out of your head, the more positive you are likely to feel on a daily basis. These things can help you connect more deeply with other people, and feel like your life is making an impact.

As you feel more happy and positive yourself, the more you will be able to help the people around you, too.

Feelings of hope and gratitude can also positively impact your physical and mental health, and leave you feeling like you have more energy as well. When you find this energy for yourself, you will be able to do more and more each day as well.

I hope that you find something to be grateful for, and hopeful about today. I hope that these good feelings will leave you feeling happier and more positive too.

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