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Laundry Hacks

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I know everyone hates doing laundry, and the baskets pile up. This is especially true when you have a toddler. They make a mess and you have to change their clothes multiple times a day.

So, I am going to help you ladies out with some tricks I have learned over the years to make the laundry go faster, and make life more manageable with all those crazy kids' messes.

When the kids make a mess on their clothes, have them change right away. That way, you can spray on some stain remover before the stain is ground into the fabric. Once you spray the spill, let the clothes sit with the stain remover for about 10 minutes, then you can rinse it out. Sometimes this actually makes the stain go away all by itself. If not, no need to worry. Just spray it again, and put into the laundry hamper with the stain remover soaking into the fabric. When you go to wash it, the clothes should come out clean.

Everyone in the family should have a laundry hamper in their bedroom. That way, when you wash a load, you can wash each person's clothes separately. This is a huge time saver, so that you don't have to separate everything when you get ready to put it away.

Also, everyone above the age of about 10 should be doing their own laundry. This teaches kids to be responsible for themselves and their own things.

My partner and I still do our toddler's laundry, since she is too little to be using chemicals. We wash her clothes with the baby laundry detergent so it is gentle on her skin. We also take turns doing her laundry on an informal basis, if one of us sees that it needs to be washed we just run it.

If you can afford it, I also highly recommend getting a dryer with a "sanitize" setting. It is great for stuffed animals and pillows, which can get easily damaged in the regular wash. We got ours a few years ago when our other dryer broke down, and it has been a life saver with a messy toddler!

For more tips, check out this video!

Let me know in the comments how these tips work for you, and if you have any other laundry hacks that you would like to share!

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