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Moms Don't Get to Take Sick Days

When you are a mom, the world doesn't stop for you. There isn't time to get sick. No matter how you feel, there are things to be done. There are kids to be fed, lunches to be packed, cleaning to do, errands to run.

You don't get to take time off for how you feel. The world doesn't stop turning. So you suck it up, take some cold medicine, drink more coffee and do what needs to get done.

If you are lucky, you have a partner who understands, like I do. This morning, since we live in Germany, my partner had to call the doctor for me and get some medication. Still, he has to go to work, so that means now that I have pills in hand for my sinus infection, I still have things to do.

That being said, getting medical treatment is easier in Germany than in the US. I didn't have to make an appointment or actually go to the doctor. We just had to call and describe the symptoms to get medication. Then we spent a few minutes at the pharmacy and that was that.

However, I didn't get any antibiotics. The doctor said to try this treatment for 2 days, because 90% of his patients will get better without antibiotics. So that is my US brain thinking I am going to be sick for 2 more days. But we will see. Hopefully I do feel better soon. I feel a little better already.

They prescribed a medication, and nasal spray. So hopefully that will do the trick.

Then, I am off to run some errands and pick up my daughter from daycare. Between housework and errands, no time to lie down and rest. But that is part of being a mom I suppose.

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