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Morning Affirmation

Morning Affirmation: I find comfort in simple things.

Humans have a tendency of over complicating life. We think that we always need more of something in order to be happy. This isn't really the case.

We can take a huge amount of comfort from simple things in life. Lighting a candle. Cuddling with a pet. Walking in nature. All of these can give us a profound sense of peace.

Instead of always striving for something outside of our reach, we can find contentment right where we are at any given moment.

We can make a conscious choice to be grateful for the things we already have, instead of needing to make big, sweeping changes. The happier we are with what we have, the more we can find peace inside ourselves each day.

Taking time for rest, reflection and self-care can have a profound benefit to our mindset as well. By taking care of ourselves here and now, we keep from burning ourselves out.

Do you really need the newest iPhone or that pair of shoes to be happy? Do we endlessly need to "keep up with the Jones's?" We need to stop comparing our lives to others.

When you decide that what you have is enough, it allows you to stop striving. It allows you to feel a sense of fullness inside yourself. It allows you to have peace.

Our peace and contentment doesn't need to be always tied to possessing material objects. Having more doesn't always make your life better.

Findings comfort in the simple things in life sets us free. It allows us to genuinely feel a sense of appreciation for life. When we untangle our happiness from what we own, it allows us to appreciate the bounty that is all around us already.

I wish you a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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