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Do You Need to Learn Personal Finance? Free Personal Finance Basics Course Now Available!

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Getting our finances under control can make our lives better in many ways

Money is a big part of our lives, so learning to manage our money better can help us have better and happier lives.

This new series of Personal Finance Basics courses is designed for anyone that is looking to take control of their finances. This class is geared for:

  • Understanding the basics of personal finances

  • Great for young adults and teens wanting to learn about finances for the first time

  • Anyone that is struggling financially

  • Taking control of your finances through budgeting

  • Understanding credit and paying bills in collections

  • Finding community resources to pay bills

  • Setting financial goals

  • Creating a savings plan

Everyone goes through financial hardships from time to time when we experience extreme life circumstances such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, loss of a job, illness, and many other things.

If you are struggling, it is important to take responsibility for our debts, but also to be gentle with ourselves. You are not alone in your struggles. According to CNBC, 77% of Americans are anxious about money. It is one of the top things that people worry over.

We live in a society in the US where wages are not rising enough to compensate for inflation, so our cost of living is going up considerably on a yearly basis. When we don't make payments on time always, it doesn't mean that we have failed, in some ways it means that our society has failed us. So, it is important not to take your financial hardships too personally.

Managing money is an important skill that we can all use to improve our day to day lives. Unfortunately, in most states Personal Finance isn't taught in schools. According to Money Rates, only 21 states require personal finance classes in High School.

In the US, we are left to our own devices in learning to understand how to manage our personal finances. Some say that it is the job of parents to teach us about finances. Not all of us had parents who taught us those things. That is what makes this class series great not only for parents, but for teens also.

Now, you can find this new set of classes on Personal Finance Basics on my YouTube channel that provide tutorials on how to get your finances under control.

This class series mirrors the tips that are provided in the Finance chapter of my ebook, "Happy. Healthy. Rich. The smart mom's guide to living your best life."

Once you watch these videos, you will have a basic understanding of personal finances that will set the stage for your financial future. These classes are taken from my own experiences in taking control of my finances in my 30's after divorce.

Lesson 1: Making a Budget

Lesson 2: Positive or Negative Cash Flow

Lesson 3: First Steps for a Negative Cash Flow

Lesson 4: Dealing With Collection Agencies

Lesson 5: Checking Your Credit Report

Lesson 6: Setting Financial Goals

Lesson 7: First Steps for a Positive Cash Flow

If you want to read more about Personal Finance, I have many other tips available on the Personal Finance section of the blog. Check back often for updates!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, nor do I have a degree in finance. For more complicated financial issues, it is best to consult with a professional financial advisor.

Let me know in the comments if there are other topics you would like me to cover in the personal finance series. What are your financial pain points? I would love to help!

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