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Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations: I trust in the flow of life to take me where I need to go. I am in tune with the energy of abundance. I am grateful for my beautiful life. I notice opportunities easily that come my way.

I remember in church being told that when we pray, we should "let go and let God." Whether you believe in a god or a higher power like the Universe, some form of trust is needed.

When you lose hope and faith in the flow of life, it can make you lose your way and doubt yourself. Some measure of trust in the goodness of the world is needed.

As you set your intentions and go about your day, trust that good things will come to you. Trust that opportunities will present themselves, and that the right people will find you.

Start the day with a grateful heart, and a feeling of love and compassion for yourself and all that is. The more gratitude and compassion you show, the more they will be returned to you.

Like attracts like, so when you have a positive mindset, then you are more likely to notice opportunities and good things happening to you. It is all about shifting your focus from the negative to the positive.

Life begins in your mind. What you think about shapes your experiences of life. So, the more positively you can think, the better your life is bound to be.

Opening up your heart through gratitude has great benefits, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Gratitude has a powerful energy that can help you shift your life for the good.

I hope you have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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