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Product Review: Apple Watch

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Picture of watch
Apple Watch

I got the Apple Watch - Series 3 a couple of months ago, because my health insurance company let me get it for free if I maintain a certain level of exercise. It's not the most recent model, but it is a good so far and I am happy with it!

Be sure to read the instructions to set it up, because it charges on a magnet charger. It was weird to line it up with the charger the first time, I thought it was charging and it wasn't. If you have used that type of charger before, it should be super easy, I just never had.

The Apple Watch has the ability to synch with your iPhone, so any app that is on your phone can be used on your watch too. If you are wearing the watch, your notification would show up on the watch instead of on your phone. It is pretty convenient for text messages or calls, but the face is too small to check Instagram or anything like that, so I just turn them off.

You can answer texts with voice text, as long as your phone is in range. It is great for if you are working out, then you can just leave your phone in your pocket or nearby, and you don't have to try and text people back.

I really like the fitness tracking abilities as well! You can set a fitness goal and track them throughout the day. It tracks your steps, calories, workouts and sleep. It also tells you if you need to stand up every hour, and lets you set up notifications for mindful minutes throughout the day.

Also, the Apple Watch is waterproof. It even lets you track your swimming, which is great. I was really skeptical about it at first, because I used another fitness tracker that advertised as waterproof and broke when I was washing dishes. So, the first time I wore the Apple Watch to track my swimming, I only did a 10 minute swim. I have worn it to swim for up to an hour, and I swim pretty much every day, so I would recommend it pretty highly.

All in all, I would say that I am really happy with this watch, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do fitness tracking!


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