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Product Review: DIY Chapstick Kit from Whiff Scents

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Packing box with thank you card
The kit came in this lovel box.

A few weeks ago, my toddler was telling me that she wanted to make her own chapstick. She loves making all types of DIY crafts, and watching DIY videos on YouTube, so sometimes we get into pretty complicated crafts even though she is only 4 years old.

After she told me what she wanted, I spent about half an hour excessively Googling what Chapstick is made out of, so that I could see if I could make it out of something that we already had at home. It has quite a lot of ingredients, so that didn't happen.

Then, I looked on Etsy to see if they had something I could buy to help River make her chapsticks. There were a bunch of DIY kits, but I was able to find something that was organic, and had good reviews. When we got our kit in the Mail from Whiff Scents, I knew right away from the beautiful package that I had picked the right one!

Chapstick kit in a box with colored confetti
Everything was well packed and looked nice.

The Whiff Scents box was beautifully packaged, with an instruction page on how to make the chapsticks, stickers to label each one, packages for 6 chapsticks, and all of the ingredients to make the product.

Making the Kit.

My Toddler came home from daycare and asked to make the kit while her dad was making dinner.

It was great because the instructions told all of the items needed from the house to make the chapsticks. Also, we didn't have to make on the stove, we easily mixed together the ingredients to melt in the microwave.

We used a little measuring cup to melt everything, and to pour into the lip balm containers. Once you take everything out of the microwave, you stir in the candy flavoring (we got blueberry) with a little popsicle stick that is provided in the kit.

Once you pour everything out in the containers, it says that they need to set for half an hour. Ours actually set faster than that.

This is a great product!

I would rate this craft very highly, and recommend to anyone! (You can see, this is my first product review, so we don't actually recommend things very often.)

The product is high quality, well packaged, and with easy to follow instructions.

Also, the craft was easy enough for me to make with a toddler in about 20 minutes.

Here is the purchase link: Etsy Shop

Finished Products.

Here is my daughter making her project, as well as the finished products. She kind of stuck the sticker labels on crooked. But I'm the kind of mom that mostly wants my kiddo's to be happy, so I let her roll with it. Just want you to know it is not a reflection on the kit.

Thank you for reading everyone, let me know in the comments what you think, and if this is a craft you would want to make with your kids! Also, do you like seeing product reviews on here? Is there something you would like me to review? Leave me a comment!


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