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Review: Burnout to Badass Program

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Woman standing in the trees
Tanvi, the coach at We Wear Wellness

I have recently completed a program called Burnout to Badass, with coaching provided by Tanvi Chadha of We Wear Wellness. On her website she states her mission as, "I help ambitious women who struggle with negativity, overwhelm, and anxiety, to transform their mindset by shifting their limiting beliefs, and embody the BEST version of themselves through the power of SELF-LOVE!"

Several months ago, I found Tanvi on Instagram and started following her We Wear Wellness account for all of the positivity that I found there. She was so happy and upbeat that I was drawn to her energy right away! When she advertised in one of her videos that she had 4 coaching spots open, I emailed her right away because I wanted one of them. I needed to find out how to create an infectious, beautiful energy like that for myself!

If you are on Instagram constantly like I am, you can follow Tanvi here, and I am sure you will see right away what I mean about her wonderful, positive energy.

Woman talking on the phone and writing notes.
Set up your innitial call.

Book an Intake Call.

If you are convinced (like I was!) that the Burnout to Badass program is something you absolutely need in your life, you can fill out the web form to request a consultation. This is an innitial call to talk about your goals, and to determine if the coaching program is right for you.

Prior to the call, you will get a questionaire to fill out, which asks you to do some introspection about why you want to take the coaching program. You can book your own call here.

Once on the call, I told her that my goal was to find inner peace. She told me that was doable. (What?!) She listened attentively to me throughout the call, let me spill all the ramblings about how I felt stuck in life, like I was on the brink of a realization, and I just needed a push to take that one more step.

Then, she explained how the program works. 12 weeks of intense coaching, with a weekly video to watch, a workbook to read and fill out, and a weekly call. It sounded so helpful to have someone who would listen to me and help me work on my goals. I was ready to sign up.


When I heard the price, I knew that I needed to talk it over with my partner before signing up. I told her I might not be able to afford it, and she offered me a paired down version of the pricing, without the weekly call and Voxer support instead. I told her I would talk to Gary (my partner) and let her know shortly.

Gary and I had a long, detailed talk. I thought he would say no straight off, but he didn't. We have kids, so usually all our money goes toward bills and kids. But he offered to pay for the program for me. I was super excited and messaged Tanvi right away to say yes.

Picture of someond doing yoga by the ocean.
Take the leap of faith.

Taking a Leap of Faith.

Deciding to radically change your life is like taking a leap of faith. For several months, I had felt like I was standing on the brink of an inner change. Like I was looking at puzzle pieces of the answers to life all laid out before me, and I just had to figure out how to put them together. Signing up for the Burnout to Badass course was my leap of faith.

I asked both my partner and my teen daughter the same question before I decided to sign up. I asked them, "Will you still want to be with me if I make a big change in myself." I got different and interesting answers from both of them.

Gary replied back to me and said, "If you make a big change, are you still going to want to be with ME?" I told him yes. I don't know that he was actually reassured, but we have the kind of relationship where we are completely open and honest with eachother. The good and the bad. We decided that I had been struggling alot with my panic attacks, coping with past trauma, and it was bleeding over into our family life. So he told me that a positive change for me would be a positive change for all of us.

Atlantis told me, "Mom, I have been with you through so many changes already. I will be with you no matter what." I love my girl, sometimes the way she reacts to the big things in life, and takes them in stride, makes me think of her as an old soul.

After talking through things with the family (minus River, I don't know that a 4 year old would understand a coaching class) I told Tanvi yes, I was in. I was committed to making a real change in my life, excited and nervous about it.

Woman sitting on the couch reading a book.
Weekly reading and writing activities.

The Course Content.

Every Monday morning (adjusted for the different time zones) Tanvi would email me with a new workbook and video for that week. I would watch the video, think it through overnight, and then start work on the workbook the next day. In addition to the workbook, the video would give one or two skills to work on that week.

In the beginning, it was lowering your to-do list, journaling and self care. The premise is that if you are feeling overwhelmed, you will need to take things off your plate that are causing you stress.

Many of the interim weeks talked about limiting beliefs, working through your triggers, and a lot of introspection. I did a lot of writing, a lot of thinking, and had a lot of long talks with my partner about the changes I needed to make in my inner world.

Changing your life isn't so much about changing the outer world, first you have to change your inner world and the way that you think about the things that are happening every day. Once you have changed your mindset and your thinking, then you can start changing the outer world.

One of the great things about the class is that every week, in every workbook and video, Tanvi spoke about the scientific research base of the practices that I was learning. Everything that you think, how your mind works, has a basis in neuroscience. As someone who had taken neuropsych courses in college, it resonated with me.

Selfie of woman smiling.
I am so much happier!

Impact on My Life.

I bet you guys are all wondering if I was really able to find inner peace in a 12 week class. It sounds really impossible right? I'm not the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree after all.

Well, I didn't need the Bodhi tree, I didn't need the mountain top. I actually found inner peace by week 4. Honestly, I had experienced it before that, but in glimpses that would come and go. My goal for the program was to learn to hold onto inner peace.

The thing is, I realized that inner peace isn't something that you can hold onto. I was grasping at something that isn't meant to be grasped. Inner peace is about letting go - like taking the leap of faith I talked about earlier - and realizing that inner peace is actually our true nature. We are all part of life's heart. Pure, perfect love. Pure, perfect life. I came to it through acceptance. Accepting my circumstances, accepting my life as it is, and letting go of all the judgements of good or bad that had been holding me back.

I also learned self love. It was a struggle for me, since I spent a big part of my life being a very self hating person. Again, it comes down to acceptance, gentleness, and that pure, perfect love.

My relationships improved too. Now that I am not feeling emotionally depleted, I have more to give to my family. I am able to be more present with my partner and my girls, more able to play. More able to be compassionate to their needs and give them what they need too. Improving yourself improves the way that you relate to others.

My Partner's Perspective.

All throughout this course, I talked to Gary about what I was learning, and the changes I wanted to make in myself. Sometimes our talks were really good, sometimes less so when I was struggling on things that I wanted to fix.

We always keep an open door in our relationship to talk about anything and everything. Sometimes the way I talk to him is really stream of consciousness, the good and the bad.

At the end though, I asked him if he thought I seem any different. He said yes, I seem a lot happier and less reactive. He said that he could see that this class really helped me, that I enjoyed it, and that it was money well spent.

Having Support Helps.

As I worked through my weekly modules, I asked Tanvi questions on Voxer (eventually we switched to Instagram) about any thing that was bothering me, or anything I was struggling with. She gave me questions to think about, affirmations to combat my limiting beliefs, and insights into why things may be coming up. She didn't do the work for me, she pointed me in the direction I needed to go by asking why, and asking what if, and getting me to think about why I do the things I do and feel the things I feel.

In addition to her support, I had support from my family too. They gave me grace, patience, and space to do things by myself. I got quiet time to work through the class, and in a house with a toddler that is huge!

Finally, I also had support from my therapist. Since I am a trauma survivor with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression that is huge. Tanvi told me up front she isn't a mental health professional, so it is important to keep working with the professionals that I already had support from. If you don't have a mental health condition, this is probably not necessary for you.

As I progressed through the class and found my core limiting beliefs, I was also able to work on those through therapy and EMDR. I was able to work through so many things that were bothering previously on a subconscious level, bring them into consciousness, and let them go by achieving understanding. EMDR makes triggers less triggering. (When I say trigger, I am referring to a trauma trigger. Something that can probably cause me a panic attack.)

Selfie of woman with sunglasses
Are you ready to be a badass?


I would highly recommend this class to anyone. In fact, I have already recommended it to basically all of my friends, proudly telling them I was working with an awesome life coach. I realized things with Tanvi, because of the way she phrased things to me, that I hadn't realized in years of therapy. To me that is HUGE.

I also achieved some wonderful spiritual realizations. I believe that in Tanvi I truly have found a Sadguru who has helped me find a deeply spiritual path. I don't know that she would describe herself this way, but truly she has helped me to find the final step on the path to inner peace.

Your goals direct your course. You find the answers that YOU need.

If you aren't looking for a spiritual realization, you will find many benefits to this course that you can apply to your life, your family, and your work. Remember I said that at the beginning she asked me my goals before determining if this work was a good fit? She tailored the advice that she gave me to my goals. She will do the same for you.

The Burnout to Badass course really has helped me to change my life. I know it can help you change yours too. All it takes is being ready to take that leap of faith!

Let me know in the comments what you think, and if this is something you are interested in, I highly encourage you to apply. (Let Tanvi know that I referred you too.) If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask that here too.

If this resonates with you, feel free to share it on your socials.

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