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Today's Tarot: 3 of Wands

Today's tarot card is the Three of Wands. When you receive this card in a reading, it indicates that you have been doing quite a bit of long-range planning lately. You have started to move forward with a new course of action. This could be in regards to business, study or travel. In either case, you are now moving forward.

As you travel down your new path, it is likely that additional new opportunities are going to present themselves to you. You may have to step outside your comfort zone to take advantage of them, but know that you are well prepared. True growth has to happen outside your comfort zone, and growth is what you are seeking now.

If it is business opportunities that you are being presented with, this card may indicate that some travel for business is necessary. The man in the card is looking off in the distance over the sea, so it could be overseas travel in your future. This may not have been something you were willing to do in the past, but something you may wish to consider now.

In love, you may be starting a new relationship, and carefully laying a firm foundation. Or, it can indicate taking a further step in your current relationship, like marriage or moving in together. If this is the case, sit down with your partner to have the difficult conversations, and make sure you have a clear plan in place.

The Three of Wands indicates that in your new path, your careful planning up until this point is going to pay off. You have a lot of new opportunities coming in, and your life is about to open up in ways you haven't even imagined.

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