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Today's Tarot: 7 of Wands

Today's tarot card is the Seven of Wands. I pulled from my Herbal Tarot deck, and the associated herb is Wild Ginger.

When the Seven of Wands appears in a reading, it indicates that you have recently experienced some success (represented by the prior card - the six of wands), and that now people are challenging your ideas. They may be jealous of your success, and trying to upset your plans.

If you are in a public space, such as social media, you may see some haters and trolls commenting on your work. As this is happening, be prepared to defend your position thoroughly. You have the right of things, but some people hate to see others succeed, and may be challenging you out of spite.

While defending your position or argument, make sure that you aren't lashing out from a fear-based reaction. Make sure to maintain your cool, and if you can't do that in the moment, give yourself some time and space to calm down prior to reacting.

You were likely not prepared for the opposition that is coming your way. On the card you can see this because the man is wearing some mismatched shoes, as if he dressed hurriedly.

To avoid being caught off guard in the future by people trying to tear you down, make sure that you have plans in place for a worst-case scenario prior to releasing your ideas into the world. Whenever you begin to experience success, there are bound to be people who are trying to oppose you.

When outside influences try to prevent you from accomplishing your goals and dreams, it can be easy to feel like giving up. However, if you persist in your current course, you are able to succeed if you can overcome these external pressures. Stay your course, and be prepared to dig in and defend your position.

Wild Ginger

This herb is associated with the card the Seven of Wands in the Herbal Tarot because it can be used in various protection spells. You can make ginger into a tea to drink, or you can burn ginger incense in your home.

According to Enchanted Aromatics,

Given the inherent magickal potency of ginger, it serves as an ideal ingredient for various spell work, encompassing love rituals, prosperity incantations, luck-enhancing charms, healing ceremonies, protective rites, and more.

Today's Message

Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You are on the right track. Having haters shows that you have stood up for something, and that always has the chance of being controversial. Stand your ground, protect yourself, and continue on your present course no matter what the opposition has to say.

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