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Today's Tarot: 8 of Swords and Ace of Cups

Usually when I do my daily tarot readings, I just pull one card. But today when I went to pull a card, these two jumped out of the deck.

I have written about the 8 of Swords before. The 8 of Swords in today's reading symbolizes feeling stuck in a situation that you don't feel is of your own making. You feel trapped. There is a decision about whether to stay or to go, and your thoughts keep swirling, and you can't decide.

The Ace of Cups in a reading symbolizes an overflowing of deep, spiritual love from the universe. This love is flowing through you and out into the world. Your life is a light of love and compassion.

In addition to universal love, the Ace of Cups can also indicate the beginning of a new love, or a deep friendship. Someone is coming into your life that is going to ignite your passions, whether in the form of love or creativity. This may also be a person coming to assist you in a new creative endeavor.

When you receive the Ace of Cups in a reading, it is an indication to trust your intuition. You are very in tune with Spirit, and open to divine guidance right now.

This card can also represent pregnancy, the birth of a child, or the start of a new creative project. Whatever the case, it is a new beginning of some sort, a manifestation of the divine love overflowing from within you.

In this two card reading, the cards indicate that you are facing a difficult choice right now. Use your intuition, represented by the Ace of Cups, to make the most inspired and compassionate choice of the two options available.

Meditate, seek the silence inside you and tap into the flow of universal love to find your answer. The choice will become clear to you as you realize that there is one choice that is more loving than the other.

Whatever you begin right now, whether a relationship or a project, it is going to be divinely inspired and guided. Let your creativity flow, and bring something beautiful into the world!

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