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Today's Tarot: 9 of Cups

Receiving the 9 of Cups in a tarot reading is a very positive sign. This card represents contentment, gratitude and wishes coming true. If there is something that you have been wishing for, this card is a sign that it is about to arrive, if it hasn't already.

Your life is overflowing with blessings right now, and it is important to take a moment to show gratitude and appreciation. The more you show gratitude for what you have, the more blessings that you welcome into your life. Your grateful heart is like a magnet that attracts goodness and beauty into your life.

This is a time that it is ok to indulge yourself without a need to worry about the negative consequences of doing so. You are being rewarded for a job well done, and taking time to enjoy what you have is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation as well.

If it is a purchase you have been considering or a night out on the town, now is the time to enjoy yourself. Life is rewarding you for hard work and patience by showering you with blessings right now. It may feel like all your dreams are coming true. So, take some time to appreciate and enjoy it!

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