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Today's Tarot: Strength

When you receive the Strength card in a reading, it represents inner strength, determination and power. This is a sign that you have an immense well of inner strength to draw upon, no matter what may come your way.

People may not realize how strong you are and have a tendency to underestimate you. This is because strength is a card of quiet personal power and tenacity. You are willing to persevere even in situations where others would fail. You keep going no matter how hard things get.

The strength card represents your inner power, and your ability to work with your own emotions and calm them. You are learning to self soothe. Of course, you still feel your emotions like guilt, fear, shame and anger, just like anyone else. It is just that you have learned to channel these emotions in a positive manner.

You seek just resolutions to every situation that comes up in life. In a group of people, you can easily take charge. You do this through careful planning and showing regard for others, not through manipulation and fear. You help to create balance in any group of people through your calm influence.

There may be difficult feelings or emotions that you are dealing with now, just know that you are strong enough to cope with them. Rely on your inner strength to carry you through, until you find a sense of peace. Take time to sit with your feelings and work through them. This way, you will see how truly strong you can be.

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