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Today's Tarot: The Emperor

In the Tarot, the Emperor represents a fatherly figure who provides for and guides the family. Whether you are male or female, you are taking on a leadership role within your family or organization. You are a fair and wise leader, who cares deeply for others and their wellbeing.

You have gained deep wisdom and insights throughout your life experience, and now is a time to put this to good use. Whether you are typically in a leadership role or not, this is a time to step into your power. As you do so, you are able to help others by guiding them in a wise and fair manner.

When it symbolizes fairness, knowledge and expertise. You have been working hard to gain knowledge and wisdom, and you have extensive life experiences to draw on when advising others. Through this new leadership role, you will be able to put this knowledge to good use.

Make sure that as you are guiding others, you keep law and fairness in mind. Everyone is deserving of help and guidance, no matter what their past circumstances. Give everyone an equal chance, and you will be able to guide them towards excelling in their own life.

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