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Today's Tarot: The Empress

In the Tarot, the Empress card represents love, fertility, beauty and grace. Receiving this card in a reading is like receiving a gentle hug from your mother, as the Empress is the mother figure in the Tarot deck.

Since the Empress is the mother card in the Tarot, you may be stepping into a mothering role yourself. This can represent the literal birth of a child, or the birth of new ideas or creative projects that you are immersing yourself in at this time. The energy of motherhood is very nurturing and compassionate, and you can find these qualities emanating from yourself at this time.

Pregnancy and birth have also historically been representative of harvest cycles in farming and nature. You have sown something and tended to it over the past seasons, and now you are reaping your harvest. This can take many different forms in your life.

When you work hard for something, when you nurture it, then you will receive an abundant reward for your labors. Birthing a new endeavor such as a creative project or business is similar to birthing a child. You put in the time and effort for something to grow, you nurture and build, and then you receive something beautiful.

This is your time of harvest in your life. You are reaping abundance in its many forms. It may be spiritual, physical or in relationships. Or all of these. You truly have created an abundant life for yourself, and it is time for you to enjoy it.

Since the Empress is such a nurturing card, related to the harvest, it is also a great time to spend some time outdoors in nature. There is abundance to be found there as well, as you connect to a softer and more spiritual side of yourself. It is great to spend some quiet time in nature contemplating the nature of the universe and yourself.

You are the Empress of your life. The mother and protector, the creator of abundance. Take joy in what you have become, and the fruitfulness that flows naturally from your very nature. You have done well, and you now have time to enjoy all the abundance that surrounds you.

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