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Today's Tarot: The Hermit

It's interesting for me receiving the Hermit card today. Recently, my partner told me that if I keep thinking so deeply about the issues facing our world today, that I am going to end up as a hermit. I wonder, would that really be such a bad thing? We all need time alone from time to time for quiet contemplation.

When the Hermit card appears in a reading, it is an indication that this is a time to go within and focus on your spiritual path. It is a time for you to focus on the life of the soul more than your life in this world. Take a pause, take a breath, and take some time for yourself.

If it is possible for you to do so, set aside some time to go on a quiet spiritual retreat. Even if you only have time for a quiet walk in the woods or something similar, it can be greatly refreshing for your soul. The natural world can aid greatly in our awakening, and there are signs alont the way if you quiet your mind enough to see them.

Taking time for meditative practices right now is also especially important. You may be reconsidering your values and priorities in life right now. Whether this is a move, a career change, or a decision to go Vegan, there is a shift happening within you right now. Things you have valued in the past may seem less important now, and that is OK.

As we learn and grow along the spiritual path, there may be attitudes, habits, routines or people in our lives who have served their purpose. It is time to let go of what is no longer serving you so that you can step into your new path, with your new purpose firmly in mind.

The Hermit, with the tiny light he holds, can only see the pathway a few steps ahead. Similarly, your path my only reveal itself a little bit at a time. You don't need to lay long-term plans now, just take those next steps and wait for more of the path to be revealed as you are moving forward.

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