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Today's Tarot: The Lovers

Today's tarot card is The Lovers. I hesitated at first to write about this one, as this can be one of the most emotionally charged cards in the deck. However, the message is coming through clearly, so I will share with you all.

Often, The Lovers represents a new soulmate relationship coming into your life, or a deeper level of commitment in your current relationship. This is a soul-aligned relationship that will help you to be the best of yourself, however always beware that you don't focus too obsessively on your new relationship.

If you aren't looking for love right now this may surprise you. However in addition to a new love interest coming in for you, a soulmate relationship can also take the form of a deep friendship or business partnership. In any case, you are about to meet someone who will deeply impact your life in a positive way.

Before starting this new relationship or partnership, make sure that you have your priorities and values clearly in mind. This way, you can start this new relationship from a place of inner strength and self-love. When we love ourselves fully, we are more able to love others in turn.

One final meaning to this card is a need to create balance between the male and female aspects within yourself. It is important to balance all of your attributes, so that you can use them effectively on your spiritual path.

In life, as in relationships, a need to create balance is important. Creating equal partnerships that are based on love, trust and good communication takes work on the part of both people. If we constantly seek to be our best selves, then we can give the best of ourselves to others as well.

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