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Today's Tarot: The Moon

In the Tarot, the Moon represents dreams, intuition and the subconscious mind. It is asking us to take notice of all the things that are floating just below the surface of our lives. There may be things from the past that we have pushed away to the back of our minds that are surfacing again now.

If there was a problem that presented itself in the past and you pushed it away without really solving it, odds are, it may present itself again now. This could even be a situation that you haven't thought about in years. You are now being asked to look at this old situation with new eyes, so that you can clear the negativity that it is generating in your life at a subconscious level.

Today isn't a day for making big, life changing decisions. If something needs to be decided, you may only have half the story right now. Wait for more information to come in so that you can have a full story before making the decision. A couple of more days isn't going to make or break anything, but being rash could.

Trust your intuition right now, and pay close attention to your dreams. There are messages coming in right now, and they will help you in the days to come. It is a good time to spend time meditating, journaling, or using any other practice that helps you connect with your inner being and your deepest thoughts.

The moon is a card of introspection, and it helps us remember to look within, because not everything is seen clearly in the light of day. Sometimes, we need the stillness of the night to look within and see things more clearly.

I hope this reading is helpful and resonates with you! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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