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Today's Tarot: The Star

It seems appropriate to draw The Star on the 17th of the month, since it is the 17th card in the Tarot deck. This is a card that has always resonated deeply with me, and I almost gave my oldest daughter the middle name Star.

In the Tarot, the Star represents your dreams and your intuition. It shows that you are tuning into a more spiritual side of yourself. You are learning to trust the universe, and trust your own intuition to guide you. This is a card of hope, faith and renewal. You have undergone a difficult transition, and come out shining bright on the other side.

You have come to a place in your spiritual journey where you realize that divine love is within you, and that you are always connected with the Universe. The energy of blessings and harmony is flowing all around you.

Follow your dreams and your inspiration. This is a good time to reevaluate your sense of purpose in life, and make sure that your actions are aligned to your vision and your goals. Your values may have changed, and become more spiritual in nature. If this is the case, be assured that you are on the right path.

Each day, you are coming more and more to seeing life through a fresh perspective. You are in sort of a house-cleaning phase where it is "out with the old and in with the new." This can be in a physical or metaphorical sense. You are being transformed from the inside out. The inner changes will bring about material changes as well.

The star also shows that you are a very generous, giving and open person. You seek the deeper truths in life so that you will be able to share the wisdom you have gained with others. You may also be engaged in a helping profession or volunteer activity, as giving back is very important to you.

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