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Today's Tarot: Three of Cups

When you receive the Three of Cups in a reading, this is a card of sisterhood and celebration. Not all of our relationships are romantic, and the friendships we have with other women can be just as important as our family or romantic relationships. Our friends can enrich our lives in an incredible ways, and it is important to remember these relationships throughout our lives.

This card can be a sign that it is time to take a girls night out, a weekend away, or to call our best friends who are far away. Talking to our girlfriends about all of the goings on in our lives is a good way to relax and unwind, no matter what is going on around us.

A sense of connection is important in our lives, and remembering our friends can help us to foster a sense of sisterhood and collaboration. None of us lives in a vacuum, and our friends can at once help us to celebrate the good in our lives, and give us a sense of grounding.

The Three of Cups can also be a card that represents creativity, or a shared business venture. Maybe you are supposed to collaborate with your girlfriends on a new project or business venture that is creative in nature. If not a shared venture, then perhaps your friends can give you feedback on your own business.

You can find groups of like-minded women both in person or online. If you are a spiritual woman, you can seek out other spiritual women in places like chat forums on Facebook, or at your local yoga group. Whatever you decide, this card is telling you to focus on friendships right now.

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