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Today's Tarot: Two of Wands

Spirit Whispers, you have begun a journey of the spirit, and all the world is before you.

Tarot pick a card: Two of Wands.

The suit of wands represents spirituality and intuition in the tarot. The two represents a choice of some kind.

This is a choice that you have been contemplating for a while, and has to do with your long-term goals. To achieve your goals, you will need to step outside your comfort zone.

Leaving the safety of what you know can be a difficult decision, and stepping outside your comfort zone is never easy. However, this is where growth happens.

As you consider your journey ahead, take some time to plan ahead. You aren't ready quite yet to take action, and that is ok. Making a change of this magnitude requires careful planning.

While you decide what to do next, have a clear plan in mind. This will guide you to eventual success.

Whether it is a new career you want to undertake, a course of study, or a move abroad, you will find your soul walking along this path. Look for opportunities that align to your vision and your heart's purpose. Then, make a plan to bring your heart's wishes into fruition.

Have a blessed day my lovelies, I hope this reading serves you. ❤️

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