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What do You Look Forward To?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

What is it that you look forward to doing every day? Is it your morning yoga, your walk at lunch? Snuggling up with the kids for movie night?

Whatever it is that you look forward to, that is the thing that lights you up and makes you come alive. Try to incorporate more time for the things you enjoy in every day, so that you will feel yourself becoming happier on a day to day basis.

Too often, the things that we look forward to are far away. The weekend. Our next vacation. But if we become lost in things that are far away in the future, then we aren't enjoying our day to day lives. We get lost in the shuffle of the routine of our day, and we can come down with a case of the blues, or get burned out.

When you aren't enjoying something about your day every day, then you are losing out on a large part of your life. You can't just live for the weekends and your occasional holiday. That is a quick way to become dissatisfied with your life.

It is important to be doing something every day that makes you happy, and having at least a part of each day that you can look forward to. By incorporating happiness into your daily life, you are going to feel a deeper life satisfaction.

This can include building in time for fitness, self-care, time with family and friends, sports or hobbies, game nights, or anything else that you enjoy.

It can be as simple as buying that special coffee creamer that you love, and taking an extra five minutes to savor your cup of coffee.

Spend time in nature. Spend time connecting with the people in your life. Both of these will make you feel better about yourself and your life too!

Whatever you can do today to find something that you enjoy, make sure that you are making time for yourself. Sure, we all have responsibilities. Some of us have a lot of responsibilities. That actually makes taking time for your own happiness even more important, so that you don't get burned out.

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