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What do You Value Most?

What makes you feel like you are coming alive? What makes you feel your happiest? What do you spend your day looking forward to?

Those are the things that you should find a way to do more of every day.

For me, it is writing and doing yoga. I feel at my best when I am either at the keyboard, or on the mat. So, these are the first things that I start my day with. I get up and do yoga first thing to get my mind and body in sync, then I write my daily affirmations.

Starting the day with your favorite things is a great form of self-care. It shows you that you value yourself, because you are putting yourself first.

What can you do to tweak your routine so that you can do the things you love first thing in the morning? Do you need to get up a little earlier? Or, do you need to prepare more for the morning at night when you go to bed? Are there tasks that you can delegate to your kids or your partner?

These are some things to think about so that you can get more of the things that you love out of life!

We shouldn’t put off living our best life for someday. Let’s make someday today! Show yourself some love, find the things that make you come alive, then add them into your day first thing!

Have a blessed day today, my lovelies!

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