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What Happens When You Operate from a Place of Lack

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

In life we can either have an abundance mindset, or a mindset of lack. Do you feel like you are always doing without? Or like you are starved for love and attention from the people you care about? Do you feel like you never have enough money or time to do the things you want to do?

This can indicate that you are operating from a place of lack in your life.

What does that mean?

It means, you feel like there is never enough for you. Or like you aren't worthy of goodness and abundance. You feel like you aren't good enough to have the things that you want to have.

This mindset just creates more lack in your life.

Lately, I have been stuck in a lack mindset. I have felt like I am spiritually starving. Like I don't deserve to have a good life. Like I can't earn happiness.

The problem is, happiness isn't earned.

Happiness comes from a place of love and surrender. It comes from opening yourself up to experiences. It comes from finding the good around you every day.

There is some good in every day, we just need to allow ourselves to see it.

Once we see the goodness, we can operate from a place of gratitude and fulfillment. This is all about changing our mindset.

According to Inc,

Those with an abundant mentality believe there is plenty of everything in the world from resources, love, relationships, wealth and opportunities. They believe they can afford what they want in life and say exactly that : 'I can afford that...'
Those with a lack mentality prefer to believe that there is limited opportunities, resources, relationships, love and wealth. They consistently say: 'I cannot afford that...'. Saying that statement every day reinforces the belief and forms that exact pattern in the life as reality.

Our beliefs and thought patterns create the reality that we live in. So if you want to live in abundance, you have to believe that you deserve all the goodness that life has to offer.

If you are struggling, it can be hard to do that, though. You may not want to flip your mindset. You believe that you aren't worthy of goodness.

But, you ARE worthy.

Everyone is worthy of love, health, happiness and abundance. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul, and you deserve the best that life has to offer.

To flip your mindset you can:

  • Journal about it

  • Meditate

  • Say Affirmations

  • Write a gratitude list

  • Go to therapy or coaching

  • Work on limiting beliefs

When you do these things, and focus on the good, it can really help to flip your mindset back towards positive thinking again.

If you find yourself getting into a lack mindset, you can start to question your beliefs and ask if they are really true. You do this by looking for evidence to the contrary. Then, you can say affirmations that are the opposite of those limiting beliefs every day.

This can help you flip your mindset from negative thinking towards positive thinking again. It isn't a one and done thing either. It is possible to slide back into a lack mindset, like I did this week. Then, you have to work on your mindset again.

It is a consistent habit of making positive thinking a part of your day. It takes consistent effort and dedication, and making sure that you are choosing always to focus on the good. You can make the choice any time to change your mind and think more positively.

Don't worry if you have been operating from lack, we all do this at times. What is important is that you realize what you are doing, and do something consciously to counter it.

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