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What Parents of Children With Special Needs Should Know About Fatigue

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Parents who are refreshed and alert can be more effective. This article aims to help parents assess their level of fatigue and suggests methods to reduce fatigue levels.

Nearly every parent of a child with special needs will experience fatigue at some point. It's something that you might overlook, but it affects virtually every aspect of your life. So today, Millenial Mom shares some tips on how parents can spot their fatigue and how to treat the most common causes.

How's Your Sleep Quality?

A poor night's sleep can affect your energy, mood, and ability to focus. If your night is interrupted, you can feel tired the next day. After several days of poor nights, you'll feel nearly exhausted and may experience irritability and mood swings. If necessary, make small changes to your bedroom to improve sleep quality, such as adding room-darkening blinds and a new comforter.

How Much Physical Activity Do You Get Daily?

Studies show that pervasive inactivity is connected to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Being sedentary for extended periods increases your fatigue level. You should strive to move your body each day through exercise or another activity.

Do You Have a Quality Social Life?

Parents of children with special needs often feel isolated and alone. Having a social life to maintain your emotional health and reduce stress levels is essential. Make sure that you have at least one good friend with whom to spend time.

How Is Your Marriage or Partnership?

Having a strong bond in your marriage or partnership can help reduce fatigue. You should nurture your relationship with affection, with shared activities, and by taking time to be romantic. It's also vital that you understand the role of fatigue in your relationship.

Reduce Caregiver Fatigue With Self-Care

Having a sense of control and knowing how to reduce your fatigue level is essential. The better you feel about taking care of yourself, the more effectively you can care for your child.

Return to School

If you're a stay-at-home parent, think about returning to school. Education will allow you to find a more challenging and rewarding role. If you have a child in school, you'll get a break from your responsibilities so you can rejuvenate and restore your energy.

Find a New Job

If you feel like you’ve stagnated at your current employer, it may be time to begin looking elsewhere. Give this resume builder a try, and put out some applications. A better opportunity could be just around the corner.

Open a Small Business

Having something to focus on will help take your mind off fatigue. With plenty of free time, you might start a company, and if you do it on a part-time basis, you can still attend to your child.

When you start on this path, negative responses are probable. Pay attention to your mental health to ensure returning to school or opening a business doesn't increase stress and lead to anxiety or depression.

Start a New Hobby

Adding a new activity to your daily routine gives you more opportunities to nourish yourself and fight fatigue. It's best if you can find something that's physical and enjoyable.

Maintain a Healthy Home

Your home environment matters. Carve a space for yourself to enjoy pockets of solitude when you can. Keeping your home clean and clutter-free will also do wonders for your overall mood.

Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Preventing burnout as you care for a child with special needs can be challenging, but there are plenty of solutions and resources to help. Start by assessing your sleep quality, then consider giving yourself a boost by going back to school, starting a business, or finding a hobby you love.

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