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When Tarot Cards Repeat

The last couple of days, I haven't posted a new Tarot reading, because I keep getting the same cards repeating. When this happens, it is a sign to absorb the message from the cards throughly. It can be like a big, flashing neon sign telling you to pay attention to the messages that the Universe is sending you.

When we find ourselves drawing the same card over and over be assured that it is repeating because we have not yet truly understood and integrated the message. Furthermore, we may have understood the message but ignored it.
The fastest way to get a different card is to pay attention to the one that keeps showing itself to you. Act on that.

The last time I can think of seeing cards repeat this way was years ago when I was reading for a friend of mine. I kept getting the Empress card over and over again. Then, my friend took the deck and pulled cards for herself. Same card.

Sure enough, not long after that, my friend did indeed find herself pregnant with her first child. When repeated messages come through this way, it is best to listen to them!

So, here are the two cards that keep repeating for me the last couple of days. First, yesterday I drew the 8 of Pentacles. We just had this card on November 7th.

The second card that repeated this morning was The Moon. We had this card previously on November 2nd.

In different ways, both of these cards can symbolize waiting in some form. The 8 of Pentacles says to stick with your hard work and efforts to hone your craft, and you will see eventual success.

The moon says to trust your intuition, and to go inward before making a decision. It bids us to spend some time sitting in meditation, until you receive a clear message from the universe.

Both of these cards in combination seem to be saying that for now, stay the present course. Don't make a change in direction until you intuitively receive a sign. Eventual hard work will pay off with success, then you will know how to move forward.

Personally, I keep getting signs all month to wait and trust the universe. I am neither good at waiting or trusting. I'm a bit of a control freak and I don't surrender easily. Perhaps, the universe is trying to teach me to have some patience, and that staying the course isn't a bad thing. Everything can't happen immediately, no mater how badly you want it to.

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