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Why it's Better to Clean as a Team

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

When my partner and I have company coming over in the afternoon, like we do today, we spend a couple of hours together tidying up the house so that it looks presentable for our guests. We always do this if it is just a couple friends, or a big party. We each share in day to day tasks as well.

Working as a team effort helps us for several reasons:

  • It gets done faster

  • We each have different strengths

  • Reduces resentment over household tasks

  • It is good modeling for our daughter

Of course, things get done more more quickly with another pair of hands. This way, you get things done in a fraction of the time that I can do things alone. We put on some loud, upbeat music and then we get to work.

It works well because my partner is more organized than I am. So, he will go through the house and put things away. Then I follow after with a broom, vacuum and dusting. It helps me because if I tried to put everything away, it would take me 3x longer because I have trouble figuring out where to put everything.

We play to our strengths, so that we can get more done more quickly.

During the week, we split up chores as well. One of us will do the dishes, the other will do the laundry. I do the shopping and he does the shopping.

This allows us to do what we are good at, and get done more quickly. It also means that one of us isn't resentful about doing more of the work. We both work full time, so it is really helpful to be able to split things up. But even when only one of us was working, we still would help with the chores in addition to doing work outside the home.

Also, sharing the work around the house sets a good example for our daughter. She learns that everyone helps around the house. This makes it easier to get her to help with cleaning up around the house too.

We have had her do simple chores like picking up toys since she was little. Now she helps with tidying up, dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. She is eager to help, and even has her own cleaning set.

Teaching kids to clean up from a young age is easier when they see everyone pitching in with the work. That way, they don't just think that everything is mom's responsibility. It makes them more eager to help.

Hopefully these tips will help you get more done around the house more easily and quickly, and get your little ones involved too!


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