Picture of Nicole, Millenial Mom, wearing a halloween princess costume.

About Me

Hi, I am Nicole, proud mom to my two girls, Atlantis (18) and River(4).  I share my life with my wonderful partner, Gary.  You may wonder how I managed to have two kids so far apart, well like so many American families today, ours is a blended family.  I got divorced from Atlantis's dad about 10 years ago, and then a few years later Gary and I moved in together, and decided to have another little one.  I'm glad we did, she really makes our world complete!

When we bought our house, we decided that this was going to be our safe space, where everyone is free to be themselves.  This was especially important for me, since I have PTSD, and safety is huge!  Gary has done some awesome home remodeling to make the place really feel like our dream home!

A few weeks ago, we decided to make another dream a reality, and with one of my best friends, we started saving up for a property.  We are going to build some little houses there and a farm.  We are crazy excited about the next step in our journey.


You can never have too many mom friends, and I hope I can be a mom friend for you too!  Let's talk ages & stages, health & fitness, personal finance, and we will throw in some life hacks too!

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