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About Me

Hi, I am Nicole, 

I am a proud mom to my two girls, Atlantis (21) and River(7).  I share my life with my wonderful partner, Gary. 

I have a BA in Psychology, with a minor in Religious Studies from University of Colorado in 2008, which provides an additional background for the mental health issues that I write about on the blog.

I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery, which believes that all faiths are a way to connect us to Source and to each other.  

I focus on mind, body and spirit wellness as a way of living a happier and more intentional life.

I have mental health issues as well:  Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.  I have found healing for these through therapy and medication.  As someone who has experience with these issues first-hand it enables me to relate to mental health issues that others may be experiencing and provides an opportunity for advocacy.

About the Blog:

Although this started out as a motherhood lifestyle blog when I first started writing in 2021, it has evolved since then.

I write about:

  • Mental Health

  • Personal Development

  • Spirituality

  • Motherhood

To some people, this may seem like "too wide" of a range of topics, however I feel like they really do all blend together.  I firmly believe that Personal Development, Spirituality and Mental Health Intertwine in Your Life.

Many of us start our personal development journey because we are trying to alleviate our mental health problems.  However, as we progress and get into a healthier state, we realize that there are still things in our lives that could be improved.  We begin to set goals, and get into an even better space physically, mentally and emotionally.  Then, we start to ask deeper questions about our life's purpose, which often leads to spirituality.

This is why, in my mind, Mental Health, Personal Development and Spirituality are all steps along the same journey of self discovery.  Also, it is important to remember that healing isn't always linear.  You may need to go back to a previous step along the path and deepen the work that you did before.

Life is cyclical, and we often see the same lessons repeat along our journey.  I used to think that this meant we hadn't learned the lesson "right" the first time.  But now, I see that it means we are relearning a lesson from a place of greater experience, understanding and wisdom.  When this happens, we can go deeper into ourselves, and learn a new lesson from seemingly similar circumstances.

My goal with this blog is to be able to use both my life experience as well as my studies to give back, and to help others along the path.  I don't want anyone to suffer alone, the way that I did so many times.  I hope that I can provide a helping hand for you in a time of need.

To get to know me better, click on the video below.

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