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Why Millenial Mom?

"When you know your why, it makes your what more impactful." (Michael Jr.)







I think oftentimes we only look at what is happening around us, without asking why.  In my experience, knowing why things are the way they are has helped me understand the world, myself, and my kids at a deeper level.

Why I Started Blogging as Millennial Mom

I started a Motherhood blog for other Millennial Moms, because I think that we need to find our mom community and support each other in our parenting journey.


As Millennials, we have grown up in a rapidly changing world.  We have had to adapt to new technologies ever since we were in grade school.  (Remember Atari anyone?  Well, my daughter doesn't.)  We are the first to charge through this new landscape of automation, and there is much in our lives that we had to learn through trial and error.

A couple of years ago, I read an article that Millennials lack basic life skills, and are having to take classes at libraries to teach each other.  At first, I thought that was crazy.  I thought, I have life skills.  I know how to fold a fitted sheet, boil an egg, and find my water shut off.  But then it hit me.  I learned those things as an adult, predominately because I worked for hotels.  My parents never taught me that stuff.

As part of the MTV generation, I am guessing you know what that feels like.  Our parents relied on school to teach us everything.  Unfortunately, at my high school Life Skills (Home Economics) class was optional.  So I didn't take it.

My parents didn't prepare me to be a 21st century parent either.

The ways that things were done back then don't fit into our modern world, for a variety of reasons.  (Maybe because they didn't work?)  I'm not an "old school" parent who thinks that kids should be "seen and not heard" or that they need a "slap upside the head" to change their behavior.

As one of the oldest Millennials, I started this site to help other parents who don't feel like they can turn to their parents for answers.  Being a parent is hard, and I think it really does "take a village to raise a child" although, more  and more we are having to build our own virtual villages.  I have been in online chat groups for moms ever since I got pregnant with my oldest in 2002.

Now, in addition to being the parent of a toddler, I am also the parent of an adult.  She graduated from high school, turned 18, and still wants to live with me.  Plus, she got accepted to college and has never done Meth.  So, I feel like I have succeeded with navigating some difficult waters.  And, if I can help chart a course for all of the other Millennials, I am happy to share what has worked for me.  What hasn't worked.  And all the funny things that happen in-between.

I don't claim to be the perfect mother, or to have it all figured out yet.  But every day I am learning, and striving to do better than the day before.  If that's a philosophy you can be on board with, I hope you will stick around, subscribe, and read more.

I post new blogs and videos almost every day.  If there is something you want me to talk about, I will be happy to do that.  If I don't know the answer, my Google-Fu is strong, and I will research it for you (and cite reputable sources).

Be well my friends.

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