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Home. Love. Family.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

"Home, Love, Family. I know that once I must have had them too." ~Anastasia

In life, we all have many roles to play. But when you are a parent, by far, that is the most important role you will ever play. As parents, we shape the young minds of our children. We are their first attachment figures, and their templates for life. Sound scary? It is a bit scary.

When I was taking psychology in college, I had this one professor that would always half-jokingly say that most psychological problems can be blamed on your mother. As someone with mommy issues myself, I relate a little bit to that. And spend way too much time asking myself if I am a bad mother. I asked my teenager one time, she says no. I guess the jury is still out with my toddler though, this morning she was lying on me and told her I am part of her house. I'll let you figure out what that means for yourself.

So, as moms, we need to make our precious charges always a priority and show them every day how much we love them. Yep, I said SHOW them that you love them, not just tell them. Listen to them, take an interest in their lives, remember things that are important to them, and be sure to give the some eye contact when you aren't holding your phone. That mommas, is true love.

Talk soon!


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