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Affirmation: Universe, show me how good it gets.

As we begin to embrace the Law of Attraction, we set our intentions out into the ethers. We speak aloud the way we wish our lives to be.

Sometimes, you may not know what to ask for or what to envision for yourself. If you are in that boat, you can say simply, "Universe, show me how good it gets."

Then, watch what happens in your life. Feel yourself shift towards goodness and gratitude as you move into your highest timeline.

When you allow yourself to flow with the universe, you allow yourself to follow the path towards your highest good. You become your best self. You are aligned with the universe and living your best life.

We seldom know what the future will hold for us, but we can enter each new day with a feeling of optimism for the future. Allow yourself to be open. Receive what the universe has to show you. This is the path to your future.

Have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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